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Wildlife in Bora Bora Island

Wildlife in Bora Bora Island
Bad news for all you animal lovers... you'll not be photographing many wild or fascinating South Sea mammals here. The Polynesian islands don't have a lot of natural wildlife, aside from birds and of course, a magical array of Marine life creatures.
Why is this? The islands are so lush and their interiors so undeveloped, you may wonder...
The answer lies within the origins of the islands themselves. Volcanic in nature, these islands literally sprang up in the middle of nowhere, far from any surrounding land masses where any other land creatures could habitate from. The only mammals on the islands today are those that were brought over by the human navigators who populated these islands, both native Polynesian, and Europeans.
The list of land mammals is rather short. All the usual suspects are here: horses, cows, sheep, pigs, dogs, cats, and of course, rats. It seems there is one exception to this mundane list: the wild pig... some of 'em must have got away from their captives long ago and hankered for life on the wild side... good for them!

On the other hand, there are quite a number of bird species here, with some of the less inhabitated islands such as Tetiaroa, Mehetia, and others having breeding grounds for future health of the species. Thankfully, most of the critical habitat bird breeding grounds are protected by the government and looked after with care.


All Tahitian islands boast a fairly healthy dog population and Bora Bora is no exception. As with most dogs of Polynesia, no matter what island they're on, they all seem your basic dog to have the same parents!

They all have that "generic dog" look common in many third world countries. Basic browns, or spotted of a thousand colors, most are classic mutts, many of which seemingly wander around carefree and owner-free amongst the homes and businesses of the populace.
Most locals seem to regard them with a casual nonchalance- not unfriendly, but not particularly worried about their well being either... Occasionally, (more so on Tahiti than the other islands), you will see a purebred animal as a family pet, but not often.

So be it. Woof, woof. In Polynesia, compared to other countries, a dog's life could be worse...

Marine Life

Of course, any time spent in Polynesia will reveal to the animal lover the true source of wildlife fascination here: the exquisite marine life.

There are nearly 500 species of fish within the Tahitian island waters, along with other amazing creatures such as sea turtles, dozens of sharks species, and the ever so popular dolphin (the "flipper" kind), porpoises, and the hugely popular humpback whale topping the list of marine mammals. Interestingly, there are NO pinepeds.
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